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Storytelling That Inspires

Experience in stop motion time lapses, steadicam, and animation

A highly skilled Director of Photography, D’Arcy is always pushing the limits of technology to tell fascinating, engaging and heartfelt stories.

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“D’Arcy is that rare soul who is able to be omnipresent on set, and invisible when the moment calls for it. His professional skills mean that as a producer/director, I can relax about the technical details and focus on the relationships, which are the magic of documentary. His respect for every person involved is unmatched. This holds true all the way through to the final delivery as he is able to bring every project to fruition, collaboratively sharing the work as needed to realize the collective creative vision and using his many skills to take every project to the next level.”

Kat Dodds

Founder, Hello Cool World

A Lifetime of Storytelling

What I Offer

D’Arcy Hamilton brings your ideas to life in the most beautiful of ways, efficiently offering state of the art technology to deliver results that are polished and professional – within any budget range.

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Having D’Arcy working with us on filming and producing videos showcasing the work we do is always a pleasure. His professionalism, flexibility, team ethic, and calm, warm approach always make it easy for everyone involved. His skills, creative eye and empathy for the subject-matter involved all bring together our stories beautifully. Gilakas’la, D’Arcy.”

Katherine Palmer Gordon

Communications Lead, Nanwakolas Council


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